Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Apologies for my absence but I recently returned from visiting my family in Rochester, NY for Christmas.  You see, my Mom doesn't have an internet connection unless I want to use the land line.  No joke!  After being on a computer for a majority of my work days it was lovely to kick back and recharge my batteries.  :-)  For those of you not familiar with Rochester, it's home to Kodak.  If you ever visit the city, be sure to stop by the George Eastman House.  It's a world-renowned photography/film museum and home to the infamous creator of Kodak.

One of my sister's and I visited last week to check out the latest exhibit called, "The Unseen Eye."  We later took a tour of the old mansion and grounds.  Here are some photos from our visit....unfortunately, it was raining so I didn't get any shots of the outside but you can check out the website here -

I can't help but wonder if old George is rolling over in his grave because I took photos of his mansion with my camera phone.  To make up for it, however, I did shoot a few rolls of Kodak film with my Hasselblad.  Those images to come...I need to scan them in and my scanner is currently kaput.  :-(

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