Sunday, June 13, 2010


A week or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting an agent named Sarah Snider with National Geographic who represents the Magazine's assignment photographers. They have a separate division that now assigns documentary photographers to work on a range of editorial and even commercial projects. As an art buyer, one of our responsibilities is to review photographer's portfolios and find talent who might be appropriate for an upcoming project.

National Geographic has been one of my favorite magazines since I was a child so you can imagine my excitement when I booked the meeting. My parents subscribed to the Magazine for years and we still have copies stashed away in the attic nooks.

I saw several amazing books but was particularly moved by a photographer named Joel Sartore and a book he created called Rare. It's an up-close and personal collection of fascinating endangered species portraits. You'll be astounded by the array of plants and animals, many of which I never knew existed.

Check out the video and the link to the book on


lydia said...

Alex loved this, mara!!! Gave me the chills. Thank you

From Me To You said...

This is so stunning.