Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Fashion Inspiration

Some of my favorite things are random but become trendy at one point or another - owls and other birds, for instance. While I would never want to own a bird as a pet, I love things adorned with birds - a peacock-print blouse awash in royal blues and greens, Anthropologie dishtowels embroidered with wide-eyed owls, a dainty enameled sparrow charm on a necklace.

I seem to have the same fondness for Queen Ann's Lace. Some people may consider it a filler flower but how lovely would it look etched on some stationary or screen-printed on a fitted t-shirt. I could even see it splashed over a full cotton skirt ala Betty Draper. So here is my ode to Queen Ann's Lace in a photo...maybe it will inspire me to bring back some color to my wardrobe. As a former NY'er and current Angeleno, I have yet give up the standard uniform of black-on-black.

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