Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It Was a Good Idea at the Time

So this past weekend I photographed some cupcakes for a co-worker's wife who owns a cupcake shop in Long Beach, CA. I know what you're thinking. Free cupcakes for life - or at least after the shoot. So I obliged. The shoot itself was a success and quite fun b/c I happen to be a huge fan of these delightful morsels. Perfectly sized - they're seemingly not large enough to make you feel like you've eaten a slab of cake yet leave you satisfied.

Well, this feeling of bliss quickly changed when I learned I had just agreed to take home 19 freshly-baked cupcakes in flavors like pumpkin spice, mint chocolate, lemon buttercream, and even Nutella! My boyfriend and I devised a 2-part plan to split the cupcakes in 4 pieces so that we could sample a few and not feel too terribly guilty....or sick. Part II involved us bringing the cupcakes to a bike race and "donating" them to worthy competitors.

Naturally we forgot to bring them the next morning. Safe to say, we polished off a few more and I photographed a couple as mementos of this cupcake invasion. I've included one of the pictures above. Enjoy!

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