Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Gloom

If you live in Southern California, you're all too familiar with the weather phenomenon called "June Gloom."  If not, I'll indulge you.  It's when the marine layer floats in and envelopes the beaches and city with a veil of fog.  Fortunately it usually burns off in the afternoon.  Anyway, in the spirit of June Gloom, I thought I'd post some photos I took in England and Scotland that capture delightfully gloomy days.  As a former East Coaster, I'm probably one of the few folks who doesn't mind a gray day and now and again.  

The first image is a view from a park in Edinburgh, Scotland looking out to the "old town" which dates back to the 1300s.  The second picture is the famous Chatsworth House located in the Yorkshire Dales, a stately home that you may recognize from the film, "Pride & Prejudice."

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Jennifer Wells said...

We were just there and staying by the beach, so I experienced your June gloom first hand. I would have met up but we only had weekdays open and I didn't have a car :( As always, I love the photos!